Tim Grosvenor.  

Date of Birth: 7th November 1958.  BA Honours Degree Fine Art, University of Reading.

Nationality: British

Languages: Fluent English and French

Curriculum Vitae

Tim Grosvenor is an independent research and marketing consultant with nearly 30 years experience in market research and policy oriented research. He is a highly experienced group moderator, facilitator and project manager.  He has focused mainly on qualitative research with a particular emphasis on creative thinking, although he has also managed a wide range of multi-disciplinary projects that have included the full range of quantitative and stated preference research. His experience also includes business to business research and many employee studies.  Tim has also managed a wide range of public consultation projects both in the public and private sectors.

The first part of his career was spent with Steer Davies Gleave the Transport Consultants where he became manager of the specialist market research division.  In the early 1990s he founded Accent Marketing & Research, a multi-disciplinary research company, with specialism in Transport and Social Research where he was the Marketing Director for seven years.  For the last 15 years he has been an independent consultant based in France and Switzerland where he has worked for a wide range of private and public sector clients both in the UK and internationally.

During his 30 years in research and consultancy the range of clients he has worked for has extended across many industry sectors as well as public bodies.  The range of research projects he has managed includes:

Public transport infrastructure projects:

– Waterloo International Terminal

      • CrossRail
      • Channel Tunnel
      • Bristol Parkway
      • New London Underground Rolling Stock
      • Heathrow Express
      • Irish Rail Intercity Rolling Stock
      • Electronic Ticketing Systems
      • Real Time Information Systems
      • A wide variety of Rolling Stock Evaluations

Market Analysis and Marketing Studies:

      • Global market Analysis of Electronic Purse and Smartcard Systems
      • The UK market for Legal Documentation
      • InterCity Marketing Strategy

Crime and Victimisation and Social Research projects:

      • Confidence in the Criminal Justice System
      • The Link Between Alcohol Consumption and Public Order
      • The Gun Club Laws
      • The Role of Parish Constables in Maintaining Public Order
      • Crime on the London Underground
      • The Nature of Public Police Encounters
      • Transport and Mobility and Social Exclusion
      • The links between transport and the Environment

Change Programmes, Employee Attitude Surveys and Business to Business Studies:

      • Encouraging and Training for a Culture of Innovation in TFL, Street Management
      • Recruiting Women Bus Drivers
      • Encouraging Excellence in Delivering Mobile Telecommunications
      • The Market Potential for Managed Data-network Services
      • BT Cable Defence Programme
      • Training for Innovation and Creative thinking in London First
      • Creating an open and secure environment for the London Borough of Enfield

A selection of Public Sector Clients:

London Transport
South Yorkshire Passenger Executive Chiltern Railways
British Rail and InterCity
Irish Railways
Transcorp, South Africa
Home Office
European Union
Department for Transport UK National Express
Centro Birmingham
NS, Dutch railways
Transport for London
Grampian Transport
Mid Wales Tourist Boa

Selection of Private Sector Clients:

Visa International

London First

Royal Dutch Shell


Yellow Pages
British Airports Authority Automobile Association Joseph Rowntree Foundation Madame Tussauds
Brymon Airways
Wolff Olins
Merck Europe

A Selection of Major Projects

Confidence in the Criminal Justice System. Client: The Home Office UK 

Tim directed this major qualitative research project to examine in-depth the factors that influence confidence in the Criminal Justice System in the UK.  The study involved a large number of focus groups and depth interviews.  The research embraced a wide range of different segments of the population in addition to the general public.  These included: judges, lawyers, the CPS, the police, the Prison Service, Jurors and Court Officials.

Global market Analysis of Electronic Purse and Smartcard Systems. Client: VISA International

This study that was carried out over a six month period involved a considerable amount of desk research as well as interviews carried out across the globe amongst experts and organisations involved with implementing or managing electronic purse and smartcard systems in transport as well as non-transport sectors.  The findings from this market analysis were fundamental in guiding the business strategy of Visa International in the development of its electronic purse and smartcard systems.

London Underground New Rolling Stock and Rolling Stock Refurbishments.  Client London Underground

Over a period of roughly four years, Tim was responsible for managing a programme of quantitative and qualitative research studies to ensure that the millions of pounds of investment of public in new and refurbished rolling meet the needs of the passengers and potential users of the system.  The research was used to guide financially significant investment decisions within London Underground.  A wide range of research techniques were used during the course of the project life including quantitative research, observational studies and in-depth interviews.  The research programme included the new Central Line Rolling Stock, Victoria, Hammersmith and City, Northern Line and District Lines.

Public Transport Development, Information and Branding, Cape Town, South Africa.  Client: Transcorp

This study undertaken over the course of twelve months formed a part of the bid of Cape Town, South Africa for the Olympic Games.  The wide ranging study involved qualitative and quantitative research techniques to explore public requirements and attitudes towards the range of public transport services in the Cape area.  The research covered areas such as transport provision, information, infrastructure, security and branding.  Although the bid for the Olympics proved to be unsuccessful, the information obtained from this study was used to inform the development of a more integrated approach to provision of public transport in the Cape area.

Cable Defence Programme.  Client: BT

The shift in the UK from a single telecoms provider to a competitive environment for BT represented a major challenge for the organisation.  Consequently BT commissioned a rolling programme of research to explore the factors that were shifting customers from BT to other providers.  The research was primarily of a qualitative nature using sophisticated projective techniques to determine the priorities consumers gave to different elements of the telecoms offers.  BT used the information obtained from this research to restructure their offering to customers.  The research was extremely well received within BT as it led to systematic and clear direction for the company in responding to this new competitive threat.


Transport, the environment and social exclusion. Authors: Karen Lucas, Tim Grosvenor and Roona Simpson

Publication Date: 2001


Publication date: 1997

Other Interests:

In addition to working as a consultant in the areas listed above, Tim is also a successful and international exhibited artists.  He has held exhibitions in France, Germany, the UK, Belgium and Switzerland.  His work has been exhibited at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg as well as the Flemish Parliament in Brussels.  He has also curated and directed several exhibitions and events in several countries in Europe.

  1. Hi, Tim. I am doing a local PBS art series in Pennsylvania, USA. I would love to show your painting “Tree of Life” as a modern interpretation of the traditional tree of life paintings. I will send a link the show which will air in Oct. I will also give your work full credit. I will also put a link to your website on the credits. Let me know your thoughts.

    • Hi there… With great pleasure but I may be too late. Let me know and if it is too late my apologies. Best wishes, Tim

  2. You are not! We film next week and then I will send out the artist’s releases after I get that under my belt. I love your interpretation! Thank you so much for allowing me to show it. Do you have a high res photo you could email me? roeyebert@yahoo.com I am thrilled!!!roey

  3. It would be the “Tree of Life” painting in high res.

  4. Roey Ebert said:

    Hi, Tim, Can you send me the Tree of Life in High res? I will send you artist’s release forms. I just don’t have your email. Thanks, roey

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