I have come to believe that UNICEF should make Madagascar the first location where a whole country becomes a World Heritage Site. First, it is one of the poorest nations on this earth in terms of per capita income and is one of the richest places on earth in terms of biodiversity. Nearly 80% of what lives and grows there is unique to the island. Secondly, Madagascar is supposed to be the last great landmass to have been inhabited by human beings and human impact on this island is therefore most recent. Home sapiens has only been there for about 2,000 years. The poverty on the island generates many issues regarding the protection for the inhabitants of potentially their greatest asset; that is to say the biodiversity of the island. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. It is famous of course for the Lemurs but there are still so many things we do not know about the flora and fauna of this ‘continent’ in the Indian Ocean. Before these are lost forever for the people of Madagascar and the whole of humanity it feels right to me that UNICEF should take this bold act.


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