Business No Business were formed in 1981. There were no track titles for any of the released singles. Only four copies exist of the original single releases. A super-eight film was made of a live performance of the band in Reading UK in 1981 although the whereabouts of the film are uncertain. There is a theory that the film is now somewhere in the South West of France.

Recently Business No Business were proud to announce that they had come sixth in the Y Factor.  Their fans of course were delighted to see the group reform especially for this event.  Even though some of the band members are now as old as Keith Richards grandchildren they gave a storming performance.  The half dozen finalists for the Y Factor all contributed to an eventful evening.  There is a rumor that Business No Business are quietly (very quietly) working in the studio at the moment to produce a new album.  A leaked document has shown that the working title of the new album is ‘The Truth About Lies’ and will feature some 360 new tracks.




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